Is Northern California Benefiting from the “Go Rural” Land Purchase Boom?

Is Northern California Benefiting from the “Go Rural” Land Purchase Boom?

  • Kimberly Maffia
  • 11/28/22

The only thing with more timeless value and appeal than a nice house is a good piece of land. No other investment compares to the durability, utility, and worth of land. While land has been a worthwhile purchase since the invention of money, an increasing number of Americans have recently picked up on the trend of purchasing land, especially in rural areas away from the big cities. In regions such as Northern California’s Wine Country, real estate buyers are getting in on the trend and scooping up some of the most desirable rural land in the US. Read on to learn more about land for sale in Santa Rosa, California, and other great opportunities in the area.

Americans are “going rural”

In early 2020, real estate professionals began to notice clients’ increasing interest in purchasing land for building and development. As this REALTORS® Land Institute article details, the market saw rising prices in tandem with greater demand for plots of land. A variety of factors have contributed to this trend, with many Americans finding the initial impetus to get away from big cities amidst the turbulence of 2020.

There are many opportunities to buy beautiful homes in the country throughout the US. However, many real estate seekers have found greater satisfaction in the idea of instead purchasing a plot of land and building a home to their own specifications. Since rural areas offer more spacious plots than you would find in a typical city, and since much of this land is minimally developed, there are many great tracts of land available for building.

Northern California’s real estate boom

Northern California has benefited tremendously from the real estate boom of recent years. As this National Association of Realtors (NAR) research report outlines, the Bay Area has seen particular price growth, a trend that has been active even before the 2020’s. Owners of property throughout Northern California, and especially those in the Bay Area, have seen excellent capital appreciation due to a high level of demand.

Another NAR publication shows the important part that land purchases have played in the upsurge in real estate interest. According to the NAR survey, sales of land are increasing at a greater rate than sales for other types of commercial real estate.

Wine Country

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Santa Rosa real estate falls squarely within the region of Northern California popularly known as “Wine Country.” This wine-producing region has long been prized for its vineyards and wineries, which has created a long-standing demand for land in Wine Country. The trend is furthered by the intensifying interest in rural land and farm land for sale in Santa Rosa, California, that has emerged in recent years. During a time when moving to the country and purchasing land is popular among real estate buyers, Northern California regions are in high demand.

The advantages of purchasing rural land

Purchasing land has several advantages, especially for those who prefer to live at some distance from crowded urban areas. First, buying land gives real estate owners a high level of creative freedom in the design and construction of their homes. Other than local building codes and the physical boundaries of the land, imagination is the only limit on a landowner’s ability to create their ideal property.

Also, rural property also offers a high level of privacy and a respite from the noise and pollution of an urban area. Purchasing rural land is great for those who do not want to be too close to their neighbors. Finally, land affords real estate owners with opportunities to enhance their property with additional features such as a privacy hedge of trees shielding their home from nearby roads or neighboring houses.

Types of land

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There are different types of land available to real estate buyers. According to estimates from the Bureau of Economic Analysis, prices vary depending on the region and type of land. The most basic and inexpensive land is property that is undeveloped. Undeveloped lots are just areas of land that have been parceled off for sale, but little else has been done to them. Most buyers prefer developed lots, which have been developed as a prerequisite for later construction. For instance, developers may clear trees or other natural obstructions to home building.

Development can also entail the installation of basic utility infrastructure such as power and water lines. There is also agricultural land, which has been developed for use in agriculture. And plenty of farm land for sale in Santa Rosa, California, is available for example, with a long history of agriculture and wine-making in this area.

The condition, zoning, and level of development can vary between different types of land. What you can build on a given plot depends on the land itself and local regulations. Keep in mind before buying any plot of land that undeveloped land does not imply absolute freedom, since state laws and local regulations could restrict certain types of development. Of course, working with a knowledgeable Northern California realtor, you will not have to navigate these issues alone. Your realtor will show you plots of land that are suitable for building your future home and going rural in style.

Building and landscaping options

For those interested in building a home, many options exist, from the simplest prefabricated houses to the most elaborate custom-built mansions. Many companies offer basic starter options for those just looking to put a roof over their head. However, you can also work with architects and builders to design your own fully customized dream home. Landscaping options likewise vary according to your personal preferences. You can clear just enough space to build a home or develop your entire property as you see fit.

Work with a knowledgeable realtor

Kimberly Maffia is a Santa Rosa real estate agent offering top-tier homes and land for sale in Northern California. Kimberly’s active listings include premier plots of land for sale in Santa Rosa, CA. As an experienced realtor who sells both houses and land, Kimberly can help answer all your real estate questions. Contact Kimberly when you are ready to build your dream home in Northern California’s stunning Wine Country.

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