Top Russian River Activities

Top Russian River Activities

  • Kimberly Maffia
  • 10/7/23

Sitting in the heart of California's wine country, the Russian River Valley offers residents and visitors a treasure trove of fun-filled activities, enchanting landscapes, and memories to last a lifetime. This article invites you to explore the exciting activities that will elevate your Russian River experience to a new level.

Burkes Canoe's

Burke's Canoe Trips on the Russian River offers a unique opportunity for visitors to explore the scenic beauty of this renowned Californian waterway. Located in the heart of Sonoma County's wine country, Burke's provides canoes for rent, allowing patrons to paddle peacefully down a ten-mile stretch of the river, surrounded by redwood forests and abundant wildlife.

Bowling Ball Beach

Bowling Ball Beach is a sight to behold, with its naturally formed spherical rocks lining the shore. Families can enjoy a day of exploration and picnic amidst this unique geological phenomenon.

Blackbird Farm

A visit to Blackbird Farm invites families to experience the charm of farm life. From feeding the farm animals and picking fresh produce to learning about sustainable farming, it's an educational and fun experience.

CrabTree Hotsprings

CrabTree Hotsprings offers families a rejuvenating natural spa experience. These springs are surrounded by lush greenery and provide a wonderful setting for a family outing.

Armstrong Redwoods State Natural Reserve

Often referred to simply as "Armstrong Woods," this reserve is located just north of Guerneville and is home to a magnificent grove of ancient coast redwoods. Some trees are over 1,400 years old and reach heights of over 300 feet. The reserve offers several hiking trails, ranging from easy to moderately challenging, allowing visitors to immerse themselves in this serene old-growth forest.

Duncan Mills

Duncans Mills is a historic town located west of Guerneville, near where the Russian River meets the Pacific Ocean. It's known for its charming collection of antique shops, galleries, and eateries. The town has maintained much of its historic character and offers a glimpse into the past with its well-preserved buildings.

Northwood Golf Course

Located in Monte Rio, Northwood Golf Course offers a unique golfing experience. The course is set amidst towering redwoods, providing a serene backdrop for the game. Designed by the acclaimed golf course architect Alister MacKenzie, Northwood offers challenges for serious golfers and beauty for those looking to enjoy the surroundings.

Bohemian Grove

Found in Monte Rio, the Bohemian Grove is a private campground belonging to the Bohemian Club based in San Francisco. Known for its annual summer encampment, this event gathers some of the most influential men in the world. While the Grove itself is private and not accessible to the general public, it's often a topic of interest due to the many discussions, performances, and events there.

Rio Nido Road

Rio Nido is a small community located between Guerneville and Monte Rio along the Russian River. Rio Nido Road is one of the main thoroughfares. The community has a rich history, having been a popular resort destination in the early 20th century. While less bustling now, it retains its charm and offers a glimpse into the river's resort past.


AutoCamp offers a modern approach to camping with luxurious Airstream accommodations and plush tent options. The Russian River location provides an ideal blend of outdoor experience and comfort. Guests can enjoy the beauty of the surrounding redwoods and river while also indulging in the comforts provided by the camp, such as high-quality bedding and spa-inspired bathrooms.


  • Canetti's Forestville: Located in Forestville, Canetti's offers a Mediterranean-inspired menu. The restaurant is known for its seafood dishes and attentive service. Its ambiance is often described as cozy and welcoming.

  • Farmhouse Inn Restaurant: This is a part of the luxurious Farmhouse Inn located in Forestville. The Farmhouse Restaurant boasts a Michelin star and offers a seasonal Californian menu emphasizing local, farm-to-table ingredients. The dining experience is often noted as being exceptional, with a wine program to match.

  • John Ash & Co.: Located just outside Santa Rosa, John Ash & Co. is a well-known fine dining destination in Sonoma County. It's acclaimed for its wine-country cuisine and has played a pivotal role in popularizing wine and food pairing, emphasizing the region's flavors.

  • River's End: Perched overlooking the point where the Russian River meets the Pacific Ocean, River's End offers spectacular views and a menu that draws heavily from local seafood. It's a great spot for sunsets and is often visited for special occasions.

  • Stumptown Brewery: Situated in Guerneville, this brewery is laid-back where locals and visitors gather for craft beers and pub-style meals. The deck overlooking the Russian River makes it an attractive spot for those looking to enjoy a meal or drink in a picturesque setting.

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